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Adjustable Camber Pins

By Jim Peall.

Ever had a camber pin bend or brake, I have to put up my hand, so with my consul being a retro build lets make it adjustable and stronger. I started with replacing the inner pin with a 40cm x 40cm solid block with a 3/4 slot 30cm long, the control arm bush is inside dia .

Photo0115.jpg Photo0118.jpg


The camber pin is now a grade 8 bolt and you wont bend that also drill out the stepped washers that go both sides of the inner bush out to . The next step is a locking strap that goes over the cross member and the camber pin goes through it with an adjuster slot on top.

Photo0116.jpg Photo0119.jpg

With this set up I can get 25cm of adjustment but best of all it wont break and if it does its got to be one hell of an impacted. All of the other brackets hanging of the cross member are for the engine mounts for the v6 Holden commodore motor. Of course unlock nuts will be used when wheel alignment is done


Well its back to the shed, play safe. Jim.

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